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Courses in the General Education Curriculum

While providing the basis for a challenging and rewarding education, GenEd Common Ground courses introduce students to the rich diversity of course offerings at IUB and encourage them to explore new and inspiring fields of inquiry. Each year, faculty members from all academic units on the IU Bloomington campus review proposals for new additions to the list of GenEd Common Ground courses. Over 900 courses have been approved by the General Education Committee, giving students a wide variety of options for fulfilling their GenEd requirements.

GenEd Common Ground Courses Listed by Category
    English Composition
    Mathematical Modeling
Breadth of Inquiry
    Arts and Humanities
    Social and Historical Studies
    Natural and Mathematical Sciences
World Languages and Cultures
    World Languages
    World Cultures

For information about the International Experience option for fulfilling the World Languages and Cultures requirement and about opportunities for studying abroad, see the Web site of the IU Overseas Study Program.

For information about GenEd course eligibility, click here.

For information about the GenEd course review and approval process, see GenEd FAQ for Faculty and Staff.